ORDER by 9pm each Wednesday | Delivery Friday's from 4pm


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and Googong and surrounds including Carwoola, Bungendore, Wamboin & Sutton!

How much is your delivery fee?

We have had to recently adjust our delivery fee structure due to increased fuel and other logistics costs. Our delivery fees work off distance from our location in Queanbeyan.

For orders under $75 the delivery fees are;

$5 for delivery within a 15km distance of our location (effectively Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra & Googong and parts of Carwoola and Wamboin)

$10 for delivery between 15km - 30km (effectively Sutton, Bungendore and the further out parts of Carwoola and Wamboin)

$15 for deliveries beyond 30km

For orders over $75 the delivery fees are;

FREE within the 15km area

Discounted to $5 for all other deliveries over 15km

This is still much cheaper when compared to major supermarkets delivery fees!

Remember, we deliver on Friday's each week - deliveries start from 4pm in winter to try and beat the fading light and can go through until 7pm depending on order numbers and where you live.

Can I set up an automatic reoccurring order?

Yes, you can! You can set you order to be delivered each week, fortnight or monthly simply by setting up a Set & Forget order. We offer half price delivery for Set & Forget orders. This discount applies to your order automatically when checking out and to all future orders as part of your subscription.

What do I need to do when I order cold items?

If you know you are not going to be home for delivery or are unsure if you will be home - please provide us with access to a fridge in your garage or outdoor area or leave out an esky or cooler bag for us to place your cold items in.

Let us know where to pop cold items in your orders delivery instructions.

We will take great care to make sure your cold items are perfectly fine if you are not home to accept delivery.

If there is nowhere suitable for keeping it cold enough, we can provide you with a cooler bag and ice blocks - there is an $8 fee for doing this, to cover the cost of the cooler bag and ice blocks. However if bag and ice blocks are returned to us the following week, we simply waive the fee.

Is what I see in the photo's what I will get in my box?

No, as fruit and vegetables are mostly seasonal, what you actually get in the box will be a mix of the basic essentials that are available year round and some seasonal produce as it becomes available. By using this approach, it allows us to maximize what you get for your money.

What if something isn't right?

We offer a guarantee on the quality of all the produce we deliver, therefore if you are unhappy with the quality of anything you have received, simply reach out to us and we will discuss the options available. 

Can I make changes to my box?

As a family catering to an allergy to nightshades and another who hates bananas, we completely understand working around dietary requirements. We can make up to 3 switch outs per box of unwanted items - Please leave us a note i.e. No tomatoes, more carrots in 'Special instructions for seller'  when completing your order.

What are the benefits of having my fruit and veggies delivered?

In the current climate, everything is delivered these days, it’s just safer and more convenient saving you time and hassle.

What sets Bailey’s Fresh Food apart from others is we deliver fresh produce that hasn’t sat in a cold storage warehouse before being shipped to your local supermarket where it can sit under bright lights, potentially for days, before being picked up by you (and who knows who else).

An added benefit of having fresh produce delivered is that it will last longer than a couple of days at home and still be full of all that goodness.

How do I know your pricing is competitive?

Our prices may vary seasonally and are based on availability of produce and other potential factors on the supply chain. You may find cheaper products at some traditional retail outlets and supermarkets but by choosing Bailey’s Fresh Food, you will always receive the best quality, fresh produce that lasts longer and saving money in the long run on wasted produce. Our pricing and supply structure means that we are usually more flexible and reactive to changes in pricing unlike traditional stores and supermarkets who will often have set pricing based on a corporate head office or increased overheads. You will usually find our prices are the same, if not lower, than supermarket prices over your total order. We are very keen to be competitive on price without compromising on the quality we deliver to you.

Do you supply organic fruit and vegetables?

Not yet, as the availability of organic produce can be unpredictable, pricey and perishable. But we know As Nature Intended in Fyshwick offers organic deliveries.

Do I have to be home to accept delivery?

No. This is one of the best parts of our service. As you will have pre-paid for your fresh produce, you don’t have to be at home to accept the delivery or even come to the door when we arrive, we’ll simply knock and leave your delivery in a safe place if there is no one home. For added peace of mind, you can add a comment to your order to let us know if you have a preferred spot for us to leave your delivery in the event you won’t be home.

Will my produce stay fresh until I arrive home?

Yes. Our produce is very fresh and will stay that way for a number of hours prior to refrigeration as long as you specify a cool place in the shade to leave your order.

Can I have a different delivery address to my home address?

Yes you can. When checking out, you will see a page titled CHECKOUT - SHIPPING ADDRESS this is where you can put a different address for delivery if required. This option is excellent if ordering a gift for someone or if you are helping parents or grandparents who may benefit from this service who may not have access to the internet or be tech savvy!

Can I specify my delivery date?

Initially, no, we will only be delivering on Fridays but we will consider expanding our delivery dates as we grow.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal on checkout through our website. No surcharges.

Are my credit card details safe?

Bailey’s Fresh Food uses an approved payment gateway service provided by our e-commerce provider Shopify. All credit card details are processed via Shopify’s secure transaction portal. We do not see or store your credit card information.