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Why get fresh produce delivered by Bailey’s Fresh Food?

Life these days is very busy...working, raising families, cooking, shopping etc and generally trading our precious time in order to get everything done. Here at Bailey’s Fresh Food we want to be the helping hand that takes one thing off your list!

Have a big chunk of your precious time back to do something you love, while having a positive impact on your health and to-do list at the same time. There are lots and lots of reasons why we believe you should use Bailey’s Fresh Food and we’ve listed some here:

  • Quality tested. We are only selling produce we know to be great quality as we've been purchasing from our supplier weekly for our family for years!
  • Want your weekends back? Of course you do, go do something fun!
  • Want market fresh fruit and veg without having to leave home?
  • Want to take the thinking out of the weekly shop?
  • Let us do the heavy lifting! No more struggling with boxes and bags!
  • Need to stick to a budget? It’s way easier to keep track of where you are at and plan out your meals online without having to walk past all the other temptations lining supermarket aisles!
  • Do you ever think - how many people have touched this product when selecting from supermarkets? With us, it’s significantly less handling. 
  • Sick of wasting all that time, money and effort, when the produce dies a quick death in the fridge? Our produce stays fresh and alive much longer
  • It’s simple and quick to order online in the comfort of your own home or on your mobile on the go
  • Fruit and veg that just tastes BETTER than supermarket produce that has been stored and transported far and wide
  • Want to set, forget and get food magically appearing at your door? Set up a recurring order - this is the beez kneez of helpful!

Whether it's a once off every now and then when it's raining, weekly, fortnightly or monthly - you are going to thank yourself for making such a great decision!